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Crypto Frequently Asked Question

Crypto is a Virtual/Digital Decentralized Currency for secure transection.

Yes, you can turn Crypto into real money for this you need a third-paty exchange broker like eToro, Eightcap & other, they can easily convert your crypto into real money for this they charge a little amount as comission.

Yes, it's 100% legal to sell Bitcoin for cash but you need to pay the government as a Tax in India it's 30% Tax if you sell a Bitcoin for real cash & 1% TDS, on digital assets. The Tax totaly depend on Country Rules & Regulations.

Investing in Crypto is a riskey method to earn money but this rick may makes you rich as if you see the Crypto graph over 10 years. The price suit like nothing, So if you have money and can take risk then you may invest in crypto.

This is totally depend on deep anylisis of Crypto Industry so if you want to know which is the best crypro to invest then you need to read our Guide.

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